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Adventist Communication Links

The following are Adventist Communication links.  Click on the titles below to access each site.


Society of Adventist Communicators
The Society of Adventist Communicators is an organization committed to networking Seventh-day Adventists in North America who work in the communication industry as writers, editors, videographers, web designers, broadcasters and many other fields.

Creative Ministry
Visit the Creative Ministry website to read about the latest research happening in the Adventist Church.

Practicing Communicating
Read the NAD Practicing Communicating, a monthly newsletter designed for church communication professionals, on the North American Division website. You can download pdfs of this newsletter in 11 x 17 and 8 1/2 x 11 format.

The Adventist Logo
The choice of the Church's logo reflects the core values that Seventh-day Adventists are committed to. The foundation is the Bible, the Word of God, shown open since its message must necessarily be read and put into practice. Central to that Biblical message is the Cross, and is also central in the logo. Above the Cross and the open Bible is the burning flame of the Holy Spirit, the messenger of Truth. To read more about the logo, it's approved uses, and to download the logo in different languages, please visit the General Conference's website.

Pacific Union Recorder
Click here to read more about the Pacific Union Recorder, a monthly magazine with a monthly circulation of over 65,000 homes.

News Photo Permissions not Usually Necessary?
"Sooner or later everyone who produces a church newsletter or Web site will wonder, "'Is it OK to include a photo without permission?'" Read this article on the Pacific Union Conference's website that explains when photo permissions are needed.

Local Church Communication Leaders
Having a Communication Leader for your local church provides an opportunity for the accurate transmission of church-related information to your members and community. Click here to read the description of a local church communication leader's responsibilities and opportunities.

Pacific Union Recorder

NAD Updates and Features

NAD Communication Resources
Resources & info about Communication
Adventist News Network (ANN)
Weekly worldwide church news/background
Adventist Review Online
Weekly church magazine that includes late breaking news.
Adventists in the news 

►Union Magazines/Publications

Atlantic Union 
Canadian Adventist 
Columbia Union 
Lake Union 
North Pacific Union 
Pacific Union 
Southwestern Union 


Adventist Media Production (AMP)

Adventist News Network

Adventist Radio Broadcasting Association

Church Communication Leader Ministry Description

eChurch Awards

Seventh-day Adventist Church Logo Kit and Explanation 

Seventh-day Adventist Church Signage Information

Society of Adventist Communicators

SONscreen Film Festival 

Union Paper National Advertising Program

►Publishing Houses for Books and Magazines

Pacific Press Publishing Association

Review and Herald Publishing Association